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Photo Gallery: Ray LaMontagne & Neko Case …

Photo Gallery: Ray LaMontagne & Neko Case at Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park in Indianapolis, IN

Pix Meyers

June 15, 2018

Indianapolis IN:  Ray LaMontagne brought his “Part of the Light Tour” to the Lawn at White River State Park on Friday, June 15, 2018, for a beautiful night of music along the river.  Opening the show was very special guest Neko Case, an Americana singer-songwriter whom is also known for her work with Canadian Indie Rock band, The New Pornographers.  Neko, accompanied by her band of both male and female musicians, treated the crowd to songs from her newly released album, “Hell-On” including singles, “Bad Luck” and “Winnie”.  Neko’s voice was dreamy and lush, telling stories of a warrior rising from the ashes – an album created out of love and pain; a power anthem per say, for all women and the struggles they can and will overcome.  With the “Me Too” and “Equal Pay/Equal Rights” movements gathering strength in the U.S. and elsewhere this album could not have come at a more appropriate time.  It is a strong reminder that there is a warrior in all females, and together we can support, influence and speak out as a voice of truth and love.

Next up was main act Ray LaMontagne highlighting his new album “Part of the Light” released May 18, 2018, on the RCA label.  Just as the sun started to set on the horizon, creating a mystical glow behind the stage, Ray and his band started the show with fan favorites “Julia” followed by “Lavender” off his 2014 album, “Supernova”.   The music was soft and introspective, almost spiritual at times, as Ray took us on a journey of love and light.  The crowd in back on the lawn could be heard yelling, “We love you Ray!” along with, “Sit Down in Front” as this was a seated show in the lower half of the venue and Ray’s fans on the upper lawn wanted to sit and enjoy the show as the music washed out over the crowd.  He continued the evening with a set list drawn exclusively from his last two studio releases, “Supernova”, “Ouroboros“, along with the new “Part of the Light” in its entirety.  The crowd was calm and quiet; seeming to hang on every last note, listening with intensity, as the band brought things to a close with “Goodbye Blue Sky”.  After a brief break, they returned to treat the grateful crowd to a four-song encore before saying “Good Night” and thanking everyone for a wonderful night.  

The “Part of the Light Tour” continues throughout the summer and should be a must-see for a perfect date night or family gathering under the stars.  Make sure to watch for dates near you at your favorite venue and in the meantime, make sure to check out both the Neko Case’s “Hell-On” and Ray LaMontagne’s “Part of the Light” on your favorite online media source.

Ray LaMontagne Setlist

  1. Julia
  2. Lavendar
  3. To the Sea
  4. Part of the Light
  5. Ojai
  6. No Answer Arrives
  7. As Black as Blood is Blue
  8. Such a Simple Thing
  9. Drive-In Movies
  10. She’s the One
  11. It’s Always Been You
  12. Paper Moon
  13. A Murmuration of Starlings
  14. Goodbye Blue Sky


  1. Let’s Make It Last
  2. Hey No Pressure
  3. The Changing Man
  4. While it Still Beats

A journey through day 2 and 3 of Primavera Sou…

A journey through day 2 and 3 of Primavera Sound 2018

Julian Vazquez

June 5, 2018

This article has been translated from Spanish, read the original version here.

Year after year Primavera Sound starts the European festival season off strong and their stellar lineups never seem to disappoint fans. 

Their lineup is so well crafted, making it worthwhile to discover the artists that have a smaller print on the poster. In order to do this, we have to take a look outside of the 2 main stages and this is how we discovered Cari Cari at the Night Pro Stage on day 2 of the festival. Taking on the same format as the White Stripes, Alexander Köck is on guitar and vocals and Stephanie Widmer on the drums. The band transported us through the linear roads of the American dessert, with their perfect rock n’ roll. It’s worth checking out their latest single: Nothing’s Older than Yesterday.

We started the day off with Kim Deal of the Pixies and her band The Breeders. It has been awhile since Kim has stepped on stage but it’s evident that we all fell in love with her again after that unforgettable set. It inevitable that through the show The Breeders put on, the energy of the Pixies is still present and was felt through the crowd, even more so, when they played Gigantic.

One of the most anticipated acts of day 2 was most definitely Charlotte Gainsbourg on the Apple Music stage. Her presence on the big screen and on the red carpets has always been more common than an appearance on stage. Charlotte played all of her hits during the first half of her set getting the audience excited and moving. We love you Charlotte, and you don’t need to do that, however, we can assure you that you ratified our love for you on Friday night.

We had to skip over Haim to see Cigarettes After Sex, this is one of the problems festival goers had to face due to the programming of the festival. Dancing until dawn was present at the Mango stage and on the other side was the Ray-Ban stage gifting us a trip in which it is possible to detach from the gravity of the earth and float by an intimate atmosphere of sound.

We started the last day off with a local artist, and it’s important to note that at just 21, Núria Graham is a musical force that will for sure be taking her career to an international level in the coming months. If we’re talking about talented youth and unprejudiced talents, it is evident to take an early visit to the Heineken Hidden Stage to see what the Norwich based girl band Let’s Eat Grandma had to offer. There is plenty of talent in these girls and they have the strength to mix with the best of today’s music scene. Their second full-length album I’m All Ears will be out on June 29th, be sure to keep an eye out for this one.

All were still eager to continue dancing so Lykke Li was the ideal proposal coming from a slightly more mainstream place, but at the same time still on the same musical line. Lykke played a 1-hour set riddled with hits and sex appeal.

It was about time to give ourselves time for some indie rock, and the answer was on the Ray-Ban Stage, Grizzly Bear. Continuing was Deerhunter, on the same stage a few moments later. Later that night, Arctic Monkeys took the main stage and made their festival debut. They opened up their set with Four Out of Five a track off their new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. The Monkeys took festival goers on a journey through their entire discography, they played fan favorites, some oldies, and a few from their new record.

What we were really waiting for the entire day was for 2 a.m. to arrive, like it does every night but just that this time around we would get to share it with the founding fathers of dream pop: Beach House. Victoria Legrand’s stage presence is an irresistible force, and she’s an enigmatic and charming character. Her glam/disco wardrobe and her eye makeup that could have been mistaken for sunglasses reinforced this presence. Thus, they took us out for a final walk through Primavera with their brand new record 7 also bringing a few of their classics to the spotlight.

Primavera Sound left us with another edition confirming it to be one of the world’s best festivals. Today we’ll start like every other year to wait anxiously for the date in which the lineup will be announced for the next edition.

See you next year Primavera!

Acid Dad visits the Pioneer in Indianapolis wi…

Acid Dad visits the Pioneer in Indianapolis with support from Chives and ABC Gum

Max Denari

In the grand scheme of artistic expression, yet specifically in the case of Rock and Roll, New York City has been a hub of experimentation, collaboration, and inspiration for artists new and old. Dating back to the 1950’s and the rise of the Greenwich Village Folk scene there has always been something about NYC that has either captivated or bred Rock musicians – as well as helped mold their voices and sounds, both musically and politically.

Fast forward about 20 years and Punk is bubbling up in the New York underground around lower Manhattan, specifically the artistic epicenter that is Greenwich Village and many other parts of the city. Punk Rock, in a historical sense, has certainly been one of the biggest cultural influences for musicians in New York and Brooklyn-based rockers Acid Dad are a modern look into such a testament.

Although, Acid Dad surely possess many other qualities and textures beyond just Punk Rock influence. Psychedelia, Blues, and Garage Rock seem to be ever present within this young band’s catalog of noise and coordinate well to produce slick, yet punchy rhythms.

Last Friday (March 30th) Acid Dad appeared in Indianapolis at the Pioneer in Fountain Square with support from Indianapolis-based band Chives and Bloomington-based group ABC Gum. Each band brought their respective energies to the stage and showed out for a true Rock and Roll show.

Chives, who have opened for the likes of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Mild High Club are expecting to release a new project later this year. They combine the zaniest elements of Psychedelic Rock – whilst still formulating catchy riffs and hooks. ABC Gum procure some quick Rock and Roll tunes with some of Indiana’s most prolific talent. Forming out of bands like The Cowboys, Purple 7 and the Dancing Cigarettes… one could say this is an Indiana super-group.

Overall, Acid Dad’s self-titled debut LP (released March 9th) certainly expanded on what the group brought to the table in 2016 with their “Let’s Plan a Robbery – EP”. With this new release, the band brought to life a fuller set of songs that shows just how far they have come in the last two years. This record surely proves how capable this group is and sets themselves on a positive pathway for continuous development in the future.

Make sure to check out Acid Dad’s raucous, distorted and vigorous debut record on all streaming services via Greenway Records.

30 degrees for MGMT

30 degrees for MGMT

Ryan Spera

March 20, 2018

The time is 3:30 the doors open at 7:00. I’m impatiently waiting in my house. Trying to decide what time to get there I spontaneously just leave. Walking 15 blocks to the Electric Factory I have time to listen to the first half of Little Dark Age. There is a nor’easter happening as well. I start to hear things I hadn’t heard over the last couple of listens. Things that got me excited. Like different synthesizer sounds; I am questioning whether or not they were real or if I had made them up. As snow falls softly soaking my unhooded hair I walk quickly to the venue.

Now it is 4:00 and there are about 10 people in line already. I decide it is too cold. So I get my ticket and walk to a brewery around the corner. A half an hour (plus a chicken sandwich) later, I decide it’s time to secure my place in line; which was 15th in line. Shaking my head. I mistakenly did not pee before I left the bar and am panicking in line. On the verge of peeing my pants for an hour and a half. You could image once the doors opened I was one of the first to the bathroom.


Skip the opener (who was very talented but a bit boring).


In their prime. A new circa. Something… Medieval.

I had seen them three times before, one thing was different this time. WHERES MATT?! Just kidding.

Simon is a warm and goofy welcome to the live show. Wearing an all red suit with a Philly Boy Roy shirt, and a red beret.

The shows starts with James playing a beautiful melody on the “Harpsichord”. Andrew, Ben, Will, and Simon come out after a deep synthesizer note is hit. The stage has a few plants and two Doric pillars surrounding a rectangular screen. It is strange even for MGMT. But it fits well. The sound is beautifully executed, I did not notice any hiccups.

I sat myself above the crowd between two women, one was a mom the other was Amanda. The mom (unfortunately I did not get her name) and I watched her son smoke pot from a vape the whole night and laughed at him, one of the highlights of my night. The woman Amanda was seeing the band for the first time. When they finished the first song Little Dark Age I turned to her and said “do you love them yet?” and she laughed.

She must have.

They played these songs

Watching Simon nail every note on Little Dark Age and watching Will play She Works Out Too Much so perfectly made the night. Expert musicians together making fine music.

I have always been a big fan of the 3 big ones. But this time I wish they had skipped over them. Their current catalog is far more amazing than those 3 songs. I understand they are crowd pleasers but the band is at the point to where those fans have gone. We want An Orphan of Fortune.

To my surprise, they ended on Brian Eno, a personal favorite. They changed the break down similar to the way Tame Impala broke down Elephant live.

It was fantastic.

The mixing and feeling of the night could not have been more surreal.

Unfortunately, I was a bit tipsy by the end of the show and didn’t get Amanda’s number

Oh well.

(MGMT at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA)

The Wombats at the Showbox in Seattle, WA

The Wombats at the Showbox in Seattle, WA

Nicolita Bradley

Music has the ability to bring an eclectic group of people together. That is exactly what The Wombats did on the last U.S. stop of their tour in Seattle.

Nation of Language was first up on the bill that night. Lead singer, Ian Devaney, quit his job when he got the call for the band to join The Wombats on their winter tour. An unmistakable remnant of 80’s inspired sound and dance is seen within Nation of Language’s music. It’s not overly present, but it’s there. Next up was a band called Future Feats. The lead singer was packed full of energy, running through the photo pit and all throughout the stage. They performed so well together, each member bringing something different to the show. It was a bittersweet night as the openers performed for the last time on the tour.

Then it was time for The Wombats. They went up later than their call time, but that’s to be expected from an English indie-rock band. One fan brought a plastic duck, and another attempted to crowd surf, which lasted a solid 10 seconds. There was a short-lived tambourine fiasco that ended with the drummer, Dan Haggins, using a backup tambourine. Echoes for an encore were met with The Wombats singing their most popular songs last. The most impressive part of all was Matthew Murphy’s commitment to the trench coat he wore throughout the entire set.

Winspear Review 2018 @ The Bishop in Bloomingt…

Winspear Review 2018 @ The Bishop in Bloomington, IN

As someone who has grown up and lived in the state of Indiana their entire life, it makes me incredibly happy to witness what is happening within my state – sonically. In the last ten, really, five years… the music culture within Indiana (centered within Indianapolis, Bloomington and the surrounding areas) has turned into a melting pot of sounds. Which has contributed to providing viable platforms and reasons for artists to pursue their passions and share their art.

Within all this, as mentioned prior, Bloomington is a hotbed for artistic and musical talent. The presence of Indiana University and the principles of Bloomington provide a canvas for anyone willing to make their mark. Musically, that all can be observed through the few Independent record labels that call Bloomington home. The likes of Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar and Winspear are holding down respectable ground within the Indie community, not only within the state of Indiana, but nationally as well.

Specifically, Winspear is showing tremendous growth. Doubling as a label and management company, Winspear boasts talent such as Kevin Krauter, Amy O, The Lemon Twigs and The Pills, to name a few.

Thursday, January 25th was an opportunity for Winspear to showcase exactly the kind of talent the label has to offer. With performances from Duncan Kissinger, Kevin Krauter, Major Murphy and Amy O it was certainly obvious to everyone in attendance how Winspear truly operates. They are providing positive things for such a community. In Bloomington, in Indiana, in the Midwest.

All the artists who performed had their own unique energies. Their own personas. Which can be studied through their live performances and studio work. Duncan Kissinger is a melancholic troubadour, combining seasoned guitar work and introspective processing. Witty and abrasive lyrics dot Kissinger’s 2017 release ‘Make It Stop’. Kevin Krauter, one of the main vocalists for the band Hoops, conjures shimmering atmospheres within his solo work. Lightly plucked guitar chords, washed out vocals. Slow dancing in the mirror kinds of sounds. Beautifully crafted, hauntingly nostalgic. Major Murphy obtain such a wonderfully distorted groove. Playing tunes that hover the line between Blues Rock and Psychedelia. They are delivering their debut LP ‘No. 1′ in March. Finally, Amy Oelsner of Amy O is a songwriting veteran. Having produced a plethora of DIY music the last decade and beyond. That has certainly contributed to her ability to craft catchy riffs, eclectic hooks and gritty textures. Which can be heard on her most recent album, ‘Elastic’.

Winspear did it right with this show. They’re doing it right with the artists they have with them. I look forward to hearing new material from Winspear’s lineup. As every release will certainly have its effect on the growing culture within Indiana, that is something to be excited about.

The Holdup make their Atlanta, GA debut 

The Holdup make their Atlanta, GA debut 

Sofi Jones

January 10, 2018

About two weeks ago I was given the absolute pleasure of seeing Los Angeles’ very own, The Holdup, here in Atlanta. Although The Holdup technically falls under the reggae category they often blend that with an r&b or pop sound. I just think SoCal. The show in Atlanta was the first show of their tour with JoMersa and Collie Budds but it didn’t feel like that at all. I’ve had my fair share of being the first stop on a tour and I never really expect much and often times leave with the memory of a good show. This time I left with the memory of a great show. I have a soft spot for bands that are very interactive with their crowds and from the second The Holdup stepped on stage they had everyone’s attention (which might I add is always a good sign for an opener!). During the set, they debut their new single, ‘Closet’s All Black’, which is now out on all streaming services. Whether you were in the group that was going all out or you were in the back end nodding your head and tapping a foot, everyone in the crowd was moving in some sort of way. Lead singer Mike Garmany has this personality that makes you feel like you’ve known him forever and there is almost no barrier between the crowd and the band; we were all one. Nobody would’ve thought that these four guys had just driven straight from LA to start the tour.

The Holdup just finished their tour with JoMersa and Collie Budds but are continuing their travels with their own headlining tour. If you’re in their path make sure you stop by and say hello! Click here to see all the tour dates. Follow The Holdup! @TheHoldupMusic

Photo Gallery: K. Flay and Sir Sly at the Show…

Photo Gallery: K. Flay and Sir Sly at the Showbox in Seattle, WA

Nicolita Bradley 

January 19, 2018

Earlier this month, K. Flay started her headlining tour. She is joined by Sir Sly. This follows the release of her second studio album, ‘Every Where Is Some Where’. They made a stop in Seattle, WA at The Showbox for a late-night performance.

It’s always fun watching a band win over a crowd. That’s exactly what happened as Sir Sly progressed through their set. The indie-pop trio make magic together on stage. Frontman Landon Jacobs pulled the crowd in with his free-flowing dance moves and passionate expression. You can check out their latest album, ‘Don’t You Worry Honey’ here.

K. Flay hit the stage and immediately filled the room with an insane amount of energy. She manages to mix so many genres of music, creating a unique and quite remarkable sound of her own. You can feel K. Flay’s emotion throughout her performance. It’s wild and quick. The crowd was yelling along to every word. While most of the crowd was very much punk, her music goes beyond genre. The show had strobing lights, video segments, and K. Flay dancing while rapping – which is something you need to see.

You can listen to Every Where Is Some Where, below. K. Flay is incredible live, and tickets are still available! Check here to see if she’s playing near you.