Nilüfer Yanya is fascinatingly idiosyncratic o…

Nilüfer Yanya is fascinatingly idiosyncratic on ‘Heavyweight Champion Of The Year’

Austin Nguyen 

November 14, 2018

2018 has been a big year for Nilüfer Yanya, with a nomination from BBC for the Sound of 2018 and an international tour as an opening act for Interpol and Sharon Van Etten. It’s no secret why her talent is being recognized; Yanya’s guitar-propelled narratives and unique, mixed timbre of “Plant Feed,” her debut EP, easily entrance any listener. “Heavyweight Champion Of The Year,” the artist’s newest single, is no exception to this vulnerability, but distinguishes itself through the use of her full vocal register, from the crooning ooh’s of the intro to the jagged vocal breaks of the chorus. Despite its prosaic title, the track is Yanya’s most complex to date, trading in the traditional verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure for a simple refrain and outro. Accompanied by Mitski-like viscerality with breathy desperation and blunt one-liners like “Game over I’m/ Heartbroken, and/ I gave you up,” Yanya leaves no doubt as to why you need to watch her in 2019.