Photo Gallery: Bleachers at Karbach Brewing Co…

Photo Gallery: Bleachers at Karbach Brewing Company in Houston, TX

Sofie Milton

With the Texas weather sending everyone attending Bleachers’ sold-out show at Karbach Brewing Company in Houston last weekend on a rollercoaster of emotions, it was almost looking bleak there for a minute. Then, in seconds, the rain stopped and the show began. You could feel the crowd loosening up as they realized that the Bleachers show was actually happening this time (Bleachers’ initial show in Houston was scheduled for May 2018, but was canceled due to storms in Houston). 

Antonoff & Company were welcomed on stage with a huge relieved roar of excitement. Jack reached out into the crowd and held hands with longtime fans as they began their show in Houston with a song off of their Album, Gone Now, called “Goodmorning.”

“Well Houston, we promised we’d make it up to you, so here we are,” Antonoff said with a grin before he sang. “Thank you for having us, again.”

A sea of hands raised and smiling faces thanked them back and from then on an all-out hot and sweaty dance party ensued, with Jack Antonoff as the leader.

The show was packed with tunes from both of Bleachers’ studio albums, Gone Now and Strange Desire, as well as a couple FUN covers and a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Just, Can’t Get Enough.”

If you haven’t seen Bleachers live, you are seriously missing out. And if you don’t leave a Bleachers show covered in sweat and with a massive grin on your face, you probably aren’t doing Bleachers right, which explains how we all looked like we took a dive into a swimming pool, post-show. New Jersey’s finest killed it in Texas, yet again.

If you’re looking to catch Bleachers on tour, they’ve got a few dates left and you can purchase tickets here. Check out their latest release, Gone Now, here.