Billie Eilish thunders on new track, ‘you shou…

Billie Eilish thunders on new track, ‘you should see me in a

Sarah Beckford

Billie Eilish’s newest
single is a blend of magnificent punchy lyrics and perfectly blended sounds,
and it’s certainly well-produced. It’s a clear demonstration that her future
music, much like her current catalog, is chock-full of creativity and her
unique energy.

The song begins with
near silence, which then fades into Eilish’s opening lyrics. She sings quietly
but with authority, forcing you to listen to what she has to say. The song
begins with minimal instrumentation in order the main focus to be on Eilish’s
voice, but the song’s momentum begins to pick up in order to usher in the
chorus. Much like her songs ‘Bellyache’ and ‘COPYCAT’, Eilish blends her
personality with the character of the song, adding depth to the track. ‘you
should see me in a crown’ is a song of authority, celebrating Eilish’s ability
to command a song and the setting it creates. With each reprise of chorus,
especially near the end, more background elements, like vocal echoes,
harmonies, and added instruments come in, which add a finalizing touch to the

The song’s lyrics are
pointed in their structure and in their delivery as well, which is what makes
the song so great. Billie plays with the way she sings the notes, which gives
the song an unpredictable nature, so that one can’t really tell where she’s
going to go with it. This is apparent on the second verse, where she sings, “Count
my cards, watch them fall/Blood on a marble wall/I like the way they all/Scream.”
When she sings the scream lyric, one would expect her to say something else, or
sing it differently- but she doesn’t, once again shattering the listener’s
expectations in the best way possible.

Through ‘you should see
me in a crown,’ Eilish is cementing her rule as a force to be reckoned with in
music. She’s not here to entertain the constructs and assumptions people have,
but rather, to astonish them by being herself.