Photo Gallery: Ray LaMontagne & Neko Case …

Photo Gallery: Ray LaMontagne & Neko Case at Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park in Indianapolis, IN

Pix Meyers

June 15, 2018

Indianapolis IN:  Ray LaMontagne brought his “Part of the Light Tour” to the Lawn at White River State Park on Friday, June 15, 2018, for a beautiful night of music along the river.  Opening the show was very special guest Neko Case, an Americana singer-songwriter whom is also known for her work with Canadian Indie Rock band, The New Pornographers.  Neko, accompanied by her band of both male and female musicians, treated the crowd to songs from her newly released album, “Hell-On” including singles, “Bad Luck” and “Winnie”.  Neko’s voice was dreamy and lush, telling stories of a warrior rising from the ashes – an album created out of love and pain; a power anthem per say, for all women and the struggles they can and will overcome.  With the “Me Too” and “Equal Pay/Equal Rights” movements gathering strength in the U.S. and elsewhere this album could not have come at a more appropriate time.  It is a strong reminder that there is a warrior in all females, and together we can support, influence and speak out as a voice of truth and love.

Next up was main act Ray LaMontagne highlighting his new album “Part of the Light” released May 18, 2018, on the RCA label.  Just as the sun started to set on the horizon, creating a mystical glow behind the stage, Ray and his band started the show with fan favorites “Julia” followed by “Lavender” off his 2014 album, “Supernova”.   The music was soft and introspective, almost spiritual at times, as Ray took us on a journey of love and light.  The crowd in back on the lawn could be heard yelling, “We love you Ray!” along with, “Sit Down in Front” as this was a seated show in the lower half of the venue and Ray’s fans on the upper lawn wanted to sit and enjoy the show as the music washed out over the crowd.  He continued the evening with a set list drawn exclusively from his last two studio releases, “Supernova”, “Ouroboros“, along with the new “Part of the Light” in its entirety.  The crowd was calm and quiet; seeming to hang on every last note, listening with intensity, as the band brought things to a close with “Goodbye Blue Sky”.  After a brief break, they returned to treat the grateful crowd to a four-song encore before saying “Good Night” and thanking everyone for a wonderful night.  

The “Part of the Light Tour” continues throughout the summer and should be a must-see for a perfect date night or family gathering under the stars.  Make sure to watch for dates near you at your favorite venue and in the meantime, make sure to check out both the Neko Case’s “Hell-On” and Ray LaMontagne’s “Part of the Light” on your favorite online media source.

Ray LaMontagne Setlist

  1. Julia
  2. Lavendar
  3. To the Sea
  4. Part of the Light
  5. Ojai
  6. No Answer Arrives
  7. As Black as Blood is Blue
  8. Such a Simple Thing
  9. Drive-In Movies
  10. She’s the One
  11. It’s Always Been You
  12. Paper Moon
  13. A Murmuration of Starlings
  14. Goodbye Blue Sky


  1. Let’s Make It Last
  2. Hey No Pressure
  3. The Changing Man
  4. While it Still Beats