Spiritualized returns with 2 new singles and a…

Spiritualized returns with 2 new singles and a tour

Ryan Spera

June 14, 2018

After a six-year hiatus (with a few shows, and guest appearances) J Spaceman is back with two singles. “A Perfect Miracle” is heart-wrenching breakup song with beautiful melodies and an emotionally intense string section. The Hawaiian swing hits your soul so gently. Each instrument has a different sad story to tell. As most of J’s songs do, it starts off soft and slowly pulls you in for the full ride. “I’m Your Man” lyrically is a classic Spiritualized song; sad, overwhelming, and all around one of the purest things you will hear from a musician. The Soul 1 styled horns envelop the sound and bring in a whole new atmosphere of warmth. J’s music is classical, to say the least. It is timeless and always relevant. From his time with Spacemen 3 to now his voice has stayed the same, and his melodies have gotten stronger. He is easily the best love songwriter of our time and continues to prove this to be true. The album is set to be released September 7th of 2018, He announced the date along with two US dates and an EU tour.