Photo Gallery: Lord Huron at the Moore Theater…

Photo Gallery: Lord Huron at the Moore Theater in Seattle, WA

Nicolita Bradley 

June 7, 2018

Playing at the Moore Theater in Seattle takes Lord Huron a long way from their origins in Michigan. While their song, The Night We Met’, (featured in the iconic prom scene in the first season of 13 Reasons Why) has garnered them instant recognition, it isn’t the first time the band has been placed on a TV soundtrack. The song was used in CW’s The Originals and The Flash, while other songs were featured in various movies.

The Moore Theater has two balcony sections as well as a generously sized main seating area. Selling out the venue is no small task. Lord Huron just so happened to sell out two nights in a row there. Each band member brings something different to the table, but lead singer Ben Schneider mesmerizes the crowd. The Moore Theater is a tricky venue, as the seated venue doesn’t invite the crowd to stand. The audience started off sitting down, but one man stood up and immediately and started dancing as if he was alone in his home. It was glorious to watch him enjoy himself while giving others the courage to stand up. In no time, the whole venue was on their feet enjoying themselves. Lord Huron has scheduled dates through November 5th. See where they’re stopping and buy tickets hereIf you think you’ve never heard Lord Huron before you can listen to their most notable song here.