Clairo’s enthusiasm shines on debut EP, ‘diary…

Clairo’s enthusiasm shines on debut EP, ‘diary 001′

Sarah Beckford

Clairo is one of the biggest, if not most relatable young artist whose name and art is the subject of cover stories, artists to watch lists, and on the lips of her fans, who know every word of her growing catalog. She’s graced us with her short and sweet debut EP, diary 001, a compilation of songs that acts as her official introduction to the world, released via the FADER label.

The EP opens with ‘Hello,’ a soothing song that mixes Clairo’s sound with house music tones and pop. Much like Billie Eilish’s party favor, hello opens with a ringtone and a greeting. It’s Clairo, allowing us to listen to her own internal conversation, which is much like the ep itself- an introduction, a time capsule of sorts as Clairo properly introduces herself to us. Rejjie Snow, a member of the same music scene Clairo is in, offers a quick bit of his talents as well. It’s an honest love song, one in which Clairo provides her insight and questions on the internet’s impact on her wondering about love and how real the love she has is.  ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos’ is, besides ‘Pretty Girl,’ is one of Clairo’s more notable songs. It reflects not only her youth but her trademark lyricism, which evokes nostalgia and youthful dreams, which makes for a soft but fun song. The song’s instruments also contribute to its light atmosphere as well, which is an even mix of light synthesized piano and percussion. After ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos’ is the upbeat ‘B.O.M.D,’ a light and airy track that’s an ode to Clairo’s boy of her dreams, and it’s a song that instantly radiates joy amidst the many questions that Clairo poses to the subject of the song. To her, it’s simple how wonderful this boy is, and she wants us to know how simple it is to recognize it as well.  

‘4EVER’ is the funkiest song on the EP, blending lo-fi with a disco and new wave vibe, and it’s a song that feels like it wouldn’t be out of place in a movie. After that is the song that brought Clairo into the spotlight, ‘Pretty Girl.’ This song is popular for good reason. It’s a song that simple in its construction, instrumentation, and lyricism, but still has its own distinct vibe that makes it special. This is Clairo at her most honest, and her honesty is real. Much like Soccer Mommy’s ‘Cool,’ it’s defiant and it’s Clairo saying that she is who she wants to be. Clairo’s debut closes with ‘How’, one of Clairo’s demos. It’s trancelike, and her vocals are far more prominent due to the hazy and layered backdrop that the song’s backing instrumentation provides.

Clairo’s official debut EP is a perfect self-portrait because of its simple and sweet honesty, though it does leave a little to be desired It features catchy choruses, sweeping beats, and simple, stripped-down storytelling that fits Clairo perfectly. With this introductory EP, Clairo is ready to move beyond the sound she has so far, and she most definitely is capable of growing even more.