A journey through day 2 and 3 of Primavera Sou…

A journey through day 2 and 3 of Primavera Sound 2018

Julian Vazquez

June 5, 2018

This article has been translated from Spanish, read the original version here.

Year after year Primavera Sound starts the European festival season off strong and their stellar lineups never seem to disappoint fans. 

Their lineup is so well crafted, making it worthwhile to discover the artists that have a smaller print on the poster. In order to do this, we have to take a look outside of the 2 main stages and this is how we discovered Cari Cari at the Night Pro Stage on day 2 of the festival. Taking on the same format as the White Stripes, Alexander Köck is on guitar and vocals and Stephanie Widmer on the drums. The band transported us through the linear roads of the American dessert, with their perfect rock n’ roll. It’s worth checking out their latest single: Nothing’s Older than Yesterday.

We started the day off with Kim Deal of the Pixies and her band The Breeders. It has been awhile since Kim has stepped on stage but it’s evident that we all fell in love with her again after that unforgettable set. It inevitable that through the show The Breeders put on, the energy of the Pixies is still present and was felt through the crowd, even more so, when they played Gigantic.

One of the most anticipated acts of day 2 was most definitely Charlotte Gainsbourg on the Apple Music stage. Her presence on the big screen and on the red carpets has always been more common than an appearance on stage. Charlotte played all of her hits during the first half of her set getting the audience excited and moving. We love you Charlotte, and you don’t need to do that, however, we can assure you that you ratified our love for you on Friday night.

We had to skip over Haim to see Cigarettes After Sex, this is one of the problems festival goers had to face due to the programming of the festival. Dancing until dawn was present at the Mango stage and on the other side was the Ray-Ban stage gifting us a trip in which it is possible to detach from the gravity of the earth and float by an intimate atmosphere of sound.

We started the last day off with a local artist, and it’s important to note that at just 21, Núria Graham is a musical force that will for sure be taking her career to an international level in the coming months. If we’re talking about talented youth and unprejudiced talents, it is evident to take an early visit to the Heineken Hidden Stage to see what the Norwich based girl band Let’s Eat Grandma had to offer. There is plenty of talent in these girls and they have the strength to mix with the best of today’s music scene. Their second full-length album I’m All Ears will be out on June 29th, be sure to keep an eye out for this one.

All were still eager to continue dancing so Lykke Li was the ideal proposal coming from a slightly more mainstream place, but at the same time still on the same musical line. Lykke played a 1-hour set riddled with hits and sex appeal.

It was about time to give ourselves time for some indie rock, and the answer was on the Ray-Ban Stage, Grizzly Bear. Continuing was Deerhunter, on the same stage a few moments later. Later that night, Arctic Monkeys took the main stage and made their festival debut. They opened up their set with Four Out of Five a track off their new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. The Monkeys took festival goers on a journey through their entire discography, they played fan favorites, some oldies, and a few from their new record.

What we were really waiting for the entire day was for 2 a.m. to arrive, like it does every night but just that this time around we would get to share it with the founding fathers of dream pop: Beach House. Victoria Legrand’s stage presence is an irresistible force, and she’s an enigmatic and charming character. Her glam/disco wardrobe and her eye makeup that could have been mistaken for sunglasses reinforced this presence. Thus, they took us out for a final walk through Primavera with their brand new record 7 also bringing a few of their classics to the spotlight.

Primavera Sound left us with another edition confirming it to be one of the world’s best festivals. Today we’ll start like every other year to wait anxiously for the date in which the lineup will be announced for the next edition.

See you next year Primavera!