The 1975 is bright but not entirely impressive…

The 1975 is bright but not entirely impressive on new song, ‘Give Yourself A Try’

Sarah Beckford

If 2016’s ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It’ wasn’t reflective and touching, then the 1975’s newest track, ‘Give Yourself A Try’, is nothing new. ‘Give Yourself A Try,’ The 1975’s first song since their hiatus, is interesting as best. The song is part of a trend though, as the other two groups of the seeming indie-alternative rock trinity, the Arctic Monkeys and the Neighbourhood, have released records that are deviations from their former sound, yet still within the vein of what they make. With ‘Give Yourself a Try’, Matty Healy is at his most reflective yet Bowie-like state visually and sonically, as he sophisticatedly and frantically pleads for the culture, and this generation, to go outside and get off their phones. He darts between a number of important topics, like drugs, STDs, and suicide, albeit too quickly for us to sit and reflect- which may very well be satire of our culture’s attention span. As Healy speaks on his own ongoing renaissance and experiences, as well as the wisdom he’s gained from the passage of time. Though the subjects he speaks on and the advice he gives is great, it’s drowned by the bustling guitars that make it hard to focus, making Matty sound like a melodramatic grandfather who wants us to actually run around his lawn for our own good. Though that description may seem harsh, it’s definitely hard to see how exactly this fits into the new music and era that The 1975 has started. Ultimately though, Matty Healy would just like for us to care a bit more about ourselves and attain some type of self-love and appreciation in the midst of all that’s going on, despite how saturated our culture can be with the opposite. So, quite possibly, there’s a metaphor to it, a despair in the message- because what happens after we give ourselves a try, does it matter anyway? It seems Healy and Co will tell us soon, or just leave the question unanswered.