Billie Eilish and Khalid soar on new song, ‘lo…

Billie Eilish and Khalid soar on new song, ‘lovely’

Sarah Beckford 

Billie Eilish has returned with a soaring new song, a collaboration with Khalid, entitled ‘lovely’. ‘lovely’ is a reflective and solemn duet that perfectly suits these artists’ voices. This song is markedly different from Eilish’s other songs, but she still demonstrates her ability to be vocally versatile while still emotionally connecting with her listeners. The song opens with Eilish, who sings of trying to find a way out the dark feelings that she has. Eilish and Khalid then join together on the chorus in perfect harmony, as they both try to gain their bearings through what seems to be a dismal emotional climate. Billie then takes the first part of the second verse, using the higher register of her voice, as she’s prone to do in some of other songs, executing it perfectly. The profound thing about ‘lovely’ is how different it is, in terms of its structure and what it accomplishes. Eilish and Khalid are both artists evenly matched in their ability to connect emotionally with their listeners in a way that’s poignant but vibrant as well. This duality between the sorrowful and the joyous feelings that are in their music is remarkable, considering that both are considered to be artists destined for even greater success. Their ability to use instrumentation not often prevalently found in popular music, like the prominent piano and violin sounds used as the main part of the song’s melody, is worthy of applause. So yes, it is lovely that these two artists have collaborated to make a song that’s masterfully reflective and filled with depth. Billie Eilish and Khalid, in this song and their own respective discographies, have proven that they’re worthy of the praise that they’ve garnered, and that much more.