Dex meets Dexter: The deserved household name …

Dex meets Dexter: The deserved household name project of the year

Brian Rhatigan 

Illinois rapper Dexter Gore Jr., better known as “Famous Dex”, released his first full-length studio on April 6. The highly anticipated album was greeted with much acceptance, but that doesn’t mean Dex met some uncertainties along the way. I was able to ask Dex some questions about the road leading to his album, and what made the album what it really is.

Most people know Dex from his background in the SoundCloud rap scene, and some would even say (including himself) that he made the scene popular. “First off, I started this wave [of SoundCloud rap]” says Dex. On the contrary, even though he may be one the most well known “SoundCloud rappers”, he doesn’t give himself credit for actually defining SoundCloud rap. “I don’t think I changed what it means to be a SoundCloud rapper, I just got bigger, my music reaches more people than ever before.”

Prior to the release of his album, Dex released a single that broke into the viral realm significantly fast. ‘Japan’ was not only applauded for its lyricism and beat, but also for the aftermath of the song. ‘Japan’ was actually translated into an Instagram “challenge”, started by Roy Purdy. The challenge is to pretty much see who can do the specific dance to the song the best. “My boy Roy Purdy started that wave” says Dex. “That was all him, so I’m grateful everyone else is picking up and it’s spreading like crazy.”

One connection between SoundCloud rappers and mainstream success is features. Many growing rappers have worked with mainstream rappers to get their big break. For example, Lil Pump has worked with artists like Chief Keef and 2 Chainz. Dex, on the other hand, has worked with artists like ASAP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa (he also has an online relationship with Erykah Badu). “I love them both, but Wiz is my favorite,” he says. “He told me to put down the lean and focus on my music. That’s exactly what I’m doing!”

After the breakthrough of so many rappers from the SoundCloud scene, many are wondering who will be the next big thing to hit a big break. Well, according to Dex, that just may be Jay Critch. “Nobody got the wave and bars in my generation like Jay Critch… nobody can touch his talent.” Dex also says to be on the lookout for NBA Youngboy. Fortunately, NBA was recently released from jail, and maybe like Kodak, will be able to cook up a great project out of his experience behind bars.

‘Dex meets Dexter’ was released on April 6th and in my opinion, is set up to be one of the greatest rap album debuts of the decade, and definitely one of the best projects of the year. At this rate, if Dex’s flow continues to grow, it can only be uphill from here.