Yellow Days is reflective on new song, ‘The Wa…

Yellow Days is reflective on new song, ‘The Way Things Change’

Sarah Beckford 

Yellow Days, much like his fellow breakout artists, is young, yet his vocals and style is well beyond his years. With that said, Yellow Days isn’t just some young musician, he’s a visionary and artist in his own right. The 19-year-old has already made a name for himself within the past year, releasing his record ‘Is Everything Okay in Your World?’ just last year, and having one of his songs appear in Donald Glover’s show Atlanta. Now, Yellow Days is expanding on the success he’s achieved on his newest song, ‘The Way Things Change’. The song begins with warm guitar tones, paired excellently with a simple stripped-down drum arrangement that provides an opening to his vocals. He sings as if the world is on his shoulders, yet there’s a tiny sliver of hope as well. What’s interesting about Yellow Days is that he’s often characterized as a lo-fi pop artist, but the arrangement of his songs plays out in a very jazz-soul fusion. ‘The Way Things Change’ is casual in its morose but lively reflection of the passing of time, and it’s certainly relatable. At most, it’s quite the trip sonically because it’s remotely psychedelic in its styling. The song itself isn’t halting, but much like its lyrics, it’s Yellow Days reminding himself- and us- to keep going in our lives.