Photo Gallery: Partner at The Silent Barn in B…

Photo Gallery: Partner at The Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY

Joe Marvilli

April 13, 2018

Within the first few minutes of their set at The Silent Barn, Partner were bringing blistering rock chops that brought to mind the guitar heroics of the 80s and 90s. Whether it was the stoner anthem of “Everybody Knows,” the grunge meets AC/DC vibe of “Ambassador to Ecstasy” or the smooth breeze of “Creature in the Sun,” the Candian duo had the crowd dancing and headbanging. Besides their songwriting and soloing chops, Lucy Niles and Josée Caron stand out for just how much fun they’re having onstage. When either of them shreds for a bit, you can see the excitement and joy written all over their faces. Plus, they had good stage banter, holding a “Canadian trivia contest” with the audience for someone to win a snack they got from a recent trip to NPR. Add in some tight opening sets by Early Riser and Katie Ellen and you have a night that ended with my ears ringing and a smile on my face.