Hinds return with a new album for you, ‘I Don’…

Hinds return with a new album for you, ‘I Don’t Run’

Leila Ricca 

After their 2016 debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’ and the release of three singles in the past weeks (‘New for you’, ‘The Club’, and ‘Finally floating’), Hinds reveal this second record and its outstanding genuineness. With their distinguishable sunbathed authenticity, the Madrid-based four-piece uncover a new, sometimes more reflective side of their music, while further asserting their distinct lo-fi unpolished sound.  

Guitarists and vocalists Ana Perrote and Carlotta Cosials join their lively, rough, yet sometimes surprisingly harmonious vocals in a symbiosis that could be vaguely guessed in previous tracks and truly establishes itself as a central element of this new record. Through reflections and echoes, exchanges and overlapping lines, their voices create a form of complementary duality, pushed to its climax in tracks such as ‘Echoing my name’. Surprisingly melodic ‘Linda’ creates a nostalgic halt between more energetic songs, and reflects the range of emotions and moods Hinds manage to convey without ever losing their central uniqueness.

In this record, Hinds gain a stronger voice, and a richer instrumental composition. Bassist Ade Martin creates an essential yet evolving musical structure to the liveliness of the record, and drummer Amber Grimbergen truly affirms her fundamental contribution to the band’s sound in ‘Finally Floating’. Opening track ‘The Club’ appears as the quintessential Hinds song, a perfect inauguration of the record, and encloses the listener in the dazed atmosphere of Hinds’ universe: ‘From now on, it’s our presentation card’, said the band. Contrastingly, the final song ‘Ma Nuit’ unearths a more vulnerable side, mixing the usual English lyrics with their native Spanish as well as some French verses, which create a universal subtlety to this touching track. By exposing the difficulty of intertwining the shared world of touring, and the intimacy of personal stories, this songs discloses a new sense of melancholy perhaps unseen in Hinds’ earlier work.

In fact, this second album seems to have an additional dimension, a deeper, more intense aspect that confirms Hinds’ musical identity, while at the same time revealing a new complexity of their sound and lyrics. Without the pretentions of innovating, their authenticity and the clear effort put in the creation of this record is an exact image of the band’s musical truthfulness.